Monday, November 3, 2014

Passion Project Update#2

The past two weeks I have been researching what makes each lacrosse head so good I looked for common features, and the features people like the most. I know what parts of the most popular heads make them the best. This was important because I understand what to look for in a head. I can relate my opinions to these facts. I could use this on my project to see if other less known heads or the heads I like have these features. The patterns I see are relations in some popular heads. Many people like a lot of pinch with a lot of sidewall holes. This feature is present in almost all the heads. I think I did well because I learned a lot of information. I have research on so many different heads and I can compare the facts. My next step will be to look at which heads are better for certain positions. I'll know which parts of each heads give you advantages at each area of the field.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

passion project progress

After two days of working on our passion project, I have a good amount of work and research. I did not do much on the first day because I didn't have a computer, but I made up for it the next day. I started off by researching the top heads on the market and what people think is their best. They were the most popular heads and most commonly bought. I made list of some of them. This step is important because it shows which heads are the best by people opinions. It is not research based, but instead it shows what people prefer and it gives me a base of information to start my project. I could use this again later in my research when I study the specifics and the science of all the heads. I'll know what heads to study and look into. I do not find any patterns in what I did. I think I did decent. On my first day I did terrible because I did not get anything due to the lack of a computer. On my second day, I did really good because I began my research on all the top heads and I'll be able to find if they really are the best. Next, I am going to look into the things that make these heads and compare them. I'll see what to look for in a head, and whether the top on the market have these features.